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You deserve to be treated equally.

The World wouldn't be where we are right now without Women Leaders.

As the saying goes life is not a bed of roses and sometimes we need external help to enjoy the journey.

What my clients are saying

Women's Business and Excutive Coach

I support go getters to mentally and emotionally climb their ladder of success 

 Live in Balance

 Feel more control

 Manage priorities well

Tired of corporate male domination having to define you?

  • Feeling overworked?

  • Feeling unappreciated?

  • Feeling overlooked?

  • Like you have to watch your back?

Helping business executives grow their influence through coaching

Build an unwavering Mindset

Be End Result focused

Ultimate Confidence & control

When you have a clear vision, plan and strategy for your personal and business life, you know where you are going and start living like the powerhouse you are.

Life is tough. through setbacks and failure we build triumphs and learnings. through coaching we help you build the models for an unwavering successful mindset.

With purpose comes clarity. it clarity comes focus. With focus comes deliberate actions that help you grow, no matter what's happening in your external environment. 

Working together you will strive for more

I understand what if feels like to give your all and still feel unappreciated

Running a boutique Management Consulting firm does not only require technical skills, but also relies heavily on the emotional intelligence. Working with Claire through her executive coaching methodologies has assisted me greatly to have balance in my management approach as well as how I am relating with clients, which is fundamental in my line of work. My sessions have been valuable and changed my business for the better. Thank you, Claire!
~ Muziwandile Chonco (Bsc Hons, MBA), Owner and Managing Consultant at Esethu Consulting Services

A program for any Executive

Program 1

Program 2

Program 3




2 months of weekly one-on-one sessions to fast-track progress. Including follow-up calls to maximize results. 

2 months of weekly one-on-one sessions followed by 2 months of bi-weekly sessions. Including follow-up calls, messaging support, and free access to resources in Collab Hub online training portal.   

3 months of weekly on-on-one sessions followed by 3 months of bi-weekly sessions. Including follow-up calls, messaging support, and lifetime free access to resources in the Collab Hub online training portal

For more information book a chemistry call on the button and let's assess if we're a good match to partner for coaching

How it Works

1. Book a Chemistry Call


We get to know each other. I show you what you a truly capable of and what can be achieved when we work together.

2. Choose a program that fits


Select a program that works for you. Get Ready to uncover your truth and areas of improvement.

3. Play your biggest game


Get an emotional and mental strategy to help you climb the ladder of success.

I know that you want to be a well-respected businesswoman. To do that, you need support to help you climb the ladder of success. The reality is that the corporate world is male-dominated which makes you feel less than worthy.


I believe the world wouldn’t be where it is right now if it wasn’t for women. I understand what it’s like to go the extra mile, giving it everything, and still be unappreciated. I have been there too. I have 23 years of experience climbing the corporate and government ladder.


As a certified business coach, I have coached many women to the top of their fields with my programs.  



So, Book a chemistry call, Today. And in the meantime, Download the work/life balance ebook. So you can stop feeling unappreciated and stressed out and instead reach the pinnacle of your career with a clear vision, plan, and strategy.

Wow, I have had such a mind shift after just 1 session with Claire... an absolutely refreshing hour with her... it was an awakening for me and since my session with her I have been able to set goals and achieve them. I highly recommend her.
Love Dr Shouneez

In 2018 I was studying business management at GIBS and Claire was in my syndicate group. I had an idea to start my journey as an entrepreneur and thought it was silly to think I could be a farmer. My life changed from our 1st coaching session. Claire coached me from the idea stage all the way to expansion. I’ve since quit my corporate career and never looked back. It’s been a trying but rewarding journey. She was optimistic even when I had my doubts and pushed me to achieve. The farm is thriving, and we’ve expanded the product line from eggs to live-stock. I’m eternally grateful, Thank you Claire! I highly recommend her!

Ashley Erriah ~ Owner and Founder of Happy Egg Farm