Group Coaching 

We are all vulnerable in these groups and we fix each other's crowns.


Fempire Bootcamp

This group is for the female Entrepreneur aspiring, new or established and wanting to expand. Fempire runs all year, you can join at any time and a minimum commitment is 3 months and includes an individual coaching session per quarter of your coaching journey whilst active in the group. Sessions are on alternate Tuesday evenings from 19h00-20h30. 



In this group females are groomed for a higher position or for a drastic direction change in career. Polished runs all year and a minimum commitment of 3 months is required. Included is an individual coaching session per quarter of your coaching journey whilst active in the group. Sessions are on alternate Wednesday evenings from 19h00-20h30.







For more information and to book your spot as they are limited, please complete the contact form or click on the email address at the bottom of the page. Kindly state the group name you wish to join, Collab and celebrate with. 


Group coaching is a fun and interactive session of like-minded individuals

with a common goal to succeed in a particular area of life.


You will need to be open to learning, sharing and supporting. 


It's a commitment to yourself, your future and the rest of the group members.


We have more in common than differences and must embrace diversity. We can learn from each other, which brings balance and perspective.


The benefits of Group Coaching are networking and building relationships with like-minded individuals that want to see you succeed.


We have seasonal group coaching.


The groups are capped at 10 fabulous individuals. 


Sessions are a maximum of two hours and 30 minutes. Sessions are online via zoom and a link is emailed to participants upon accepted registration with an information welcome pack.


Current Group coaching information will be provided here when available with starting dates.

Blissfully Abundant - Starting 7 February 2023

(This coaching group only occurs 3 times per year.)


Who doesn't want to feel blissfully abundant everyday?


This Group coaching is of incredible value, and you will live and enjoy a more abundant life.

To manifest a better set of external outcomes, work on shifting your inner state of abundance. 


Bliss is being fulfilled in every area of your life. We work on 8 areas -

Love, Joy, Health, Peace, Wealth, Wholeness, Freedom and Gratitude.


We clear any blocks and do some mindset work to unpack beliefs that shape how we perceive the world and ourselves.


What you believe about yourself impacts your success or failure. This powerful coaching journey is designed to influence how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. 


We manifest all you want and appreciate all you have, bringing even more abundance to be grateful for.


Blissfully Abundant is for you if:

  • You are tired of living in Lack

  • want to be more present

  • You want more 

  • You want more positivity

  • You enjoy interacting with a small group


This is not for you if:

You dislike small group interactions



Who doesn't want more Abundance? Well, what are you waiting for? 


Registration opens on 18 January 2023 and closes on 3 February 2023 or while spots are available.

This Group coaching is for you if :

You struggle with abundance, receiving from others and struggle with self-worth.

You want to live an unlimited life 

You are ready for a life-changing transfromation




Be available on Monday 20H00 - 22h00 SAT


Be willing to participate and share insights


Be supportive and open-minded


This is not for you if you do not like group participation

Delighted clients 


  • A more abundant life

  • Release subconscious blocks for increased positivity

  • Clarity

  • Mindfulness

  • Manifest the abundant life you deserve, it's your birthright

  • Be open to opportunities

Terms and conditions apply. Money-back guarantee if you are committed, do the work and still don't achieve!

Pay in 2 instalments

Here's what you get for USD299.


  • 8 Online Group coaching sessions (Value at USD597)

  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions (Valued at USD180 each)

  • WhatsApp support throughout the course (Valued at USD99)

  • The support and lessons of group coaching 

  • 1-year access to additional resources in the Collab hub Training Portal (Valued at USD149)


Total value USD1354 


Reserve your spot for only USD299