Leadership & Executive coaching

What's stopping you? Are your fears holding you back?  Are you unhappy in your current position? Are you feeling stuck? Do you know what you want but unsure of how to go for it? Are you confused? 


In every job change I have experienced nervous excitement. The inevitable Fear of failure, that I was making a mistake  and imagining the worst. I was always afraid to step out of my comfort zone, where I knew where I was.


If you are comfortable where you are but unhappy, will a career change impact your family life - the usual self doubt arises, like will you manage to hold your own in the boardroom and pick up the kids on time or attend a school event. If you’re the sole breadwinner how will your changes affect your standard of living? If in a partnership, how will your other person react when they realise the direction you’re going. These are valid issues but are also limiting you from moving towards your professional goals and growth.


Building your Fempire needs support and someone you can trust, that has you and your company's best interests at heart, applauding you all the way, acting as a sounding board to will help you make the tough decisions and hold you accountable to achieve the goals you plan for.


I expect you have spent enough time thinking through all the details but you have no idea where to start, who to involve, how to take the next step. You know you need to switch things up or around and the thought of it gives you anxiety, because change is scary and you feel all alone. You want support but your friends and family have good intentions *bless them* but they give unsolicited advice and they do not listen. If You are committed to your dream and there is deep burning desire in the pit of your stomach to make it work -  the craziest thing you can think of is staying exactly where you are and not making any moves.


Whether you are working nine to five for a company and wanting a change, being promoted, have a side hustle, starting as an entrepreneur or are an established entrepreneur needing to expand. The variables are endless, all unique and need to be treated with equal respect.

I have interviewed and coached enough women and found that the obstacles we face in the workplace can be debilitating. Many regret not making timely changes. The reassurance is that the journey has served them and it is not too late.


I have grown in my career, changed positions, started my entrepreneurial journey and in partnership assisted all my clients on their journey to reach their goals. Some exceed the goals but that is entirely up to you... How badly do you want it? 


What's Next 

Delighted Clients


“My program offers multiple sessions of strategic coaching, conditioning, and support to help you achieve the highest level of success and reward in your career while expanding your leadership abilities. Be ready to experience true professional and personal growth through building confidence and breaking negative mental habits. With tactful tools and techniques, I’ll help you overcome the frustrating fears and challenges holding you back from your fullest potential. Let’s have a (free) 30-minute conversation to identify what areas need to be worked on and what great possibilities are ahead for you. “ ~

Claire Muller, Leadership, Executive and Business Coach 

What to expect from Executive Coaching 


The exciting challenge of elevating into your full executive capacity requires a level of self-mastery and emotional intelligence that will not only reward you but those under your influence. It is by learning to understand ourselves that we begin to understand others. This is fundamental for a compassionate leader. Claire will coach you to: 


  • Develop your emotional intelligence

  • Understand your Leadership style

  • Authentically own your role 

  • Manage disruption

  • Lead with creativity and innovation

  • Communicate with Confidence

  • Increase Impact, Influence and Visibility 

  • Be more effective and impactful as a leader

  • Discover potential 'blind-spots'

  • Lead self, teams and others 

The way successful leaders overcome challenges is by committing to personal development every day, finding coaches and mentors, and advancing the necessary communication skills to effectively lead and continue living outside of work. 


We are frequently expected to thrive and succeed faster than is possible in these ever-changing current times. We must acquire abilities we didn't know we lacked.

Coaching options 


Option 1 - Leadership (Non-Executive)



Six months of weekly one-on-one sessions. Including check-in calls, messaging support, and free access to resources in Collab Hub online training portal. 


Option 2 - Executive



Six months of weekly one-on-one sessions. Including check-in calls, WhatsApp messaging support, and free access to resources in Collab Hub online training portal. 


Option 3 - 1 Year Executive Mastermind



Twelve months of weekly sessions. Including check-in calls, WhatsApp messaging support, and lifetime free access to resources in the Collab Hub online training portal, 1 VIP day - 3 hours consultation either online or onsite.


Money-back Guarantee if the client has committed to the process and done the work!

Full refund if no results after three months of coaching.5X ROI Guarantee. 

ZAR rates apply to South Africa. Please complete the contact sheet for more information.

Monthly payment plan available.

Terms & conditions apply

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” ~ Ginni Rometty

  1. We have a chemistry call and assess if we're a good coaching match.

  2. We agree on the Coaching Journey based on our assessment.

  3. We book our 1st session and start the coaching journey.

Coaching will provide the support needed to further develop your career and leadership abilities to positively impact your Team, Organization and others. 


Leadership and Executive coaching helps you to adjust and embrace your role. It helps to increase awareness and builds on the clients strengths and confidence in areas they feel they may be lacking.


Coaching will help you to become more self-aware and make those tough professional decisions with a positive mindset and tools you can use beyond the coaching journey.


The foundation of Claire's Personal Mastery coaching for Leaders and Executives will start yielding results within 21 days (3 sessions). 

Claire’s Executive coaching will give you a personalized approach toward your success, including personal mastery and mindset. We guarantee that you will find the experience to be intuitive and authentic.