NLP Life Coaching


Through Neuro Linguistic Programming, you can develop effective strategies

and models to help you reach your goals. It can also help you become more influential in the world.


One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to achieving your goals is overcoming any blocks that are holding you back. This can be done using various NLP techniques, such as being clear about your purpose and direction.


It is highly successful in helping to overcome

  • fears

  • anxiety

  • mindset blocks

  • doubts

  • overwhelm

  • past trauma

  • stress

  • burnout


Using the NLP techniques and the frameworks I’ve mastered. Y; forou choose what the future looks like for you, and we work together to achieve it.

Goal-directed life coaching is successful because it is focused. Being coached is life-changing and incredibly rewarding.


Life can be complicated, difficult and sometimes it's too much to merely get things under control— keep them under control and thrive. It’s the help needed to reach a new level of accomplishment and success.


It focuses on reconditioning the mind to shift perceptions and eliminate negative triggers that lead to adverse behavioural and psychological patterns.


Some expected results:

  • Growth mindset

  • Greater self-awareness and confidence

  • Improved communication and relationships

  • Better choices and decision-making skills

  • Improved discipline

  • Achieving personal transformation

  • Emotional resilience

  • Healed and whole from trauma

  • Clarity

  • Purpose

  • Direction


If you want to achieve or take back control, life coaching can be a productive, impactful and goal-directed route that collapses time for faster results.


How it works


Change and healing is a process as there is no quick fix nor a 1 size fits all, and it requires commitment to overcome any obstacles. 


We get to the root of the disruption and impeding your happiness to set you free and provide clarity for the future.

Clients struggling with anxiety, sadness, and a general lack of energy and joy are revitalized, energized, joyful and general sense of well-being. Although the process is engaging and there may be intense moments, you will have significant breakthroughs with each session, and the results are noticeable to others. Naturally flourish in all areas of life with a sense of well-being – clarity, feeling lighter and more energised.


To get the most out of NLP Coaching, I have created and perfected my own methodologies that are used as necessary and customized to the client’s needs. My clients can expect to see results from the 1st session, for full transformation 8 sessions are recommended.


The Cost of the NLP Coaching is USD950 (8 sessions).


Sessions are virtual and have a 1-hour weekly frequency, Including in-between sessions follow-up calls, messaging support and additional resources. I offer a money-back guarantee if the client does not achieve the desired results but is committed to the process and did the work! 2 instalments payment plan is available. Terms and conditions apply


For years I have tried to improve various areas of my life, which included getting the feeling of joy and passion back for working, completing tasks and exerting any type of effort. Claire went through a visualization technique with me in our first call which helped me get that feeling of joy back that I lost years ago! The method that Claire goes through with you rewires something inside of you that really makes a big difference to your feelings! After our call, not only did I sleep better throughout the night which helped me wake up an hour earlier in the morning, but I’m feeling rejuvenated, have more energy and more motivation to complete goals that I had set for myself. Thank you so much Claire!

– Agnieszka Wasiluk