My Story

My name is Claire and this is a part of my journey. The deep knowing there must be more to life and the search for more during a sabbatical, lead me on a journey which materialised in Communication Collab in 2015. The beautiful journey introduced me to some of the most amazing, beautiful souls I have ever met, my clients. I have always had a great passion for empowering women and love how I am able to positively impact my beautiful clients.

I am honoured when given the opportunity to partner with my clients and make a difference, empowering, inspiring and allowing my clients to grow into the greatness that lies within them. There have been life changing journeys for my clients and myself equally. I am humbled by each client and every journey has proven unique to them. My decision to work with females is close to my heart, I enjoy empowering Women, who go through so much and the workplace is no different. Females have to work harder to prove themselves and to be taken seriously in their own right, as the powerhouses that they are. The competition in the workplace is amplified by catty behaviour towards each other... I believe in fixing each other’s crowns in private and cheering for each other in public. Girl code, we have enough to deal with and we do not shine any brighter by dimming another's light.


Through my own coaching journey, my thinking was challenged, I was enlightened. There were a series of shifts, some not so comfortable but necessary changes were made, and I continue to grow. I started living and working more purposefully. Coaching changed my life for the better and I am grateful. I am loving it.


I have gone through many changes in my career.  I worked in the dynamic travel industry for 23 years when I finally changed direction. Travel will always be my first love. I am grateful for the expertise, opportunities and lessons gained during that time. It all worked in my favour and through these lessons I can coach my clients through their Career Transitions, start their Fempire as Fempreneurs or expand their business.


My love for coaching stems from my ability to work towards fulfilling my vision. My sole purpose in using the medium of coaching is to bring the women to their own power.  The benefits of coaching make it more pleasurable to partner with fabulous females and see them thrive. I provide a safe space to gain perspective and hold my clients accountable to achieve their dreams, dismantle any limiting beliefs, empower and inspire them to make the changes they want, to be a better version of themselves.


My coaching style is holistic and I combine what would best serve my client. My coaching toolbox includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Life Coach, Master Business and Executive Coach, Abundance Coach and Enneagram which is personality coaching.


I support equal opportunities in all areas. While my main focus is empowered women, I have also coached many men in their careers and as entrepreneurs. 


If what you read resonates with you, complete the contact sheet, and request your free 30 minutes chemistry session. Whether you are working 9-5 for a company and wanting a change, being promoted, have a side hustle, starting as an entrepreneur or an established entrepreneur needing to expand. The variables are endless, all unique and will be treated with equal respect.