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New Me - Starting when you're ready 2025



Who doesn't want to succeed in all your goals?


We start the year with many hopes and dreams of how we will change and do better.


The intention is set, the preparations start, and emotions are high and excitement charged.  

Then as quickly as we start, the interest and momentum wane.


You may have found yourself telling people how you will succeed to keep you motivated and avoid disappointment. To only feel worse that others will see how you failed when you can’t stay on track. It’s a downward spiral after the 1st failed event and added pressure.


It’s not your fault! It’s not a lack of commitment, discipline or confidence.


We subconsciously build neural pathways that deepen with evidence collected from experience and reinforce them, justifying the belief.


The problem is that the decision is made in the conscious, not the subconscious mind.


Solution – mindset work to change the neural pathway and trajectory.


Suppose you find yourself in this situation year after year, and you’re tired of this cycle. It’s not too late to reposition and redirect.


I’m here to help you and would love to partner with you for success. I understand the financial strains of January. There are only 10 slots available at these special rates.


My team thinks I’m crazy for these low rates.


For a never to be repeated special rate of  USD349 


We clear any blocks and do some mindset work to unpack beliefs that shape how we perceive the world and ourselves.


What you believe about yourself impacts your success or failure. This powerful coaching journey is designed to influence how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. 


Registration opens on 10 October 2024 and closes on 25 October 2024 or while spots are available.


  • More positivity and confidence

  • More clarity and focus

  • Drop negative behaviour eg. procrastination

  • Goal setting and priority plans 

  • Intentional action 

  • Be open to opportunities

Here's what you get for USD349.


  • 6 Online one-on-one coaching sessions (Valued at USD747)

  • WhatsApp support throughout the coaching journey (Valued at USD99)

  • Unlimited email support(Valued at USD99)

  • Printable worksheets and plans for future use (Valued at USD45)

  • 1-year access to additional resources in the Collab hub Training Portal (Valued at USD149)


Total value USD1139 


Reserve your spot for only USD349 

Delighted clients 

Terms and conditions apply. Money-back guarantee if you are committed, do the work and still don't achieve!

Pay in 2 instalments